Wixlar WIX vs Ripple XRP: What’s the better choice?

Cryptocurrencies awareness is increasing steadily and some coins, like Bitcoin, now becoming a household word. When you look at market capitalization, Bitcoin is still the leader, making it difficult to avoid comparison with the crypto-juggernaut, but Ethereum follow in total value with the second highest market cap. Wixlar on the other hand, a new launched coin in October 2018 climbing the stairs of popularity daily and jumping up in Coin market Cap. Not bad for cryptocurrencies that are much younger and being traded for a fraction of Bitcoin’s price.
It is time to figure out their usage peculiarities and understand the potential of the price increasing.

Let us figure out how Wixlar vs Ripple differ, what is their current value, what are the spheres of their application, and solutions providing to the community.

Where Wixlar vs Ripple can be applied?

Ripple (XRP) is released on 2012) and offers a unique protocol for banks that allows transferring money to any recipient around the world. Even individual investors can use the coin to perform the instant transaction. Ripple states that banks are making transactions with ripple coin, but the blockchain community cannot find any transaction history in the ripple blockchain explorer, showing any big transactions happening between two entities (like Banks) again and again from the same wallets, so, the speculation is that the banks are using a ripple basic service that works in a similar idea like Western Union or Money gram that has no relation to the decentralization and the blockchain technology.

Wixlar (WIX) is a new coin launched in October 2018 as an Ethereum token meaning that Wixlar has the same advantages and privileges of Ethereum coin. Wixlar Lab has come with a blockchain solution for the near field communication (NFC) payments through enhancing the NFC symmetric algorithm to become asymmetric, using trap door hash algorithm, to provide higher security and better efficiency. As a utility token Wixlar can be used in different services created by Wixlar Group as well as a global usage in different companies’ payments, thus building an eco-system.

Wixlar (WIX) Coin
Ripple (XRP) Coin
Coin Launch Date
October 2018
August 2014
What is it used for?
Peer to peer decentralized payments, applications, services and centralized technology products. A stable transaction fee no matter the amount.
Serves for global transfer of any currency and offers low transaction fees. Claiming to be Implemented in the banking sphere.
Processing power
At this moment, it takes 10-30 seconds for a block of transactions to be executed. ( Vitalik Buterin claims soon to shift to 1,000,000 transactions per second)
At this moment, it practically takes 4-20 seconds for a block of transactions to be executed (Ripple claims  50,000 transactions per second)
Technologies underlying the blockchain
Proof of Work → Proof of Stake
The Ripple Protocol consensus algorithm (RPCA), which means consensus is reached in the ledger for it to be closed
Current Value (Nov 2018)
$ 0.015
Circulating Supply
3,330,000,000 WIX
40,205,513,967 XRP
Total Supply
5,330,000,000 WIX
99,991,797,922 XRP
Max Supply
5,330,000,000 WIX
100,000,000,000 XRP

Advantages Wixlar vs Ripple?
Ripple is an Amazing cryptocurrency for high-speed transactions.

Ripple has a shared ledger that is “managed by a network of independent validating servers that constantly compare their transaction records.” The new transactions are added to the closed ledger, and the network should achieve a consensus about their validity. In case of disagreement between the nodes, the consensus process will be repeated until the network reaches a supermajority. Although the scheme of work is reliable, many complain that the network remains highly centralized.

On the other hand, Wixlar is building an enhanced NFC Mobile Payment App and an eco-system where the public can use the coin in different services and products. The community and partners of Wixlar keeps increasing daily and in the future, there will be even more widely spread of services and Companies internationally using Wixlar coin as a payment method. As far as the Wixlar letter of credit, Wixlar plays an important role to become the third trusted party over the blockchain world to guarantee transactions between buyers and sellers, and to guarantee the completion of the purchases and funds delivery.
Wixlar Academy serves hundreds of customers that have the interest to enter the blockchain technology, providing the latest materials related to blockchain, marketing, trading and sales.
Wixlar Group has been one of the main sponsors, speakers and media partners in many major global events (Blockchain, Sports, Fashion, Charity) and broadcasting the highlights and important scenes on
WixlarTV channel that is broadcasting 24/7

Ripple website is available in 6 languages, while Wixlar website is available in 12 languages to reach out a bigger international audience

If you are sending $1 worth of WIX or $1,000,000 worth of WIX, it would be the same fees from $0.02 to $0.67 Maximum through the smart contract of Ethereum, but if you are going to send the same amount of dollars using Ripple, then you need to calculate the fees yourself.

Where to buy Wixlar WIX ?
Wixlar is listed on many Exchanges that you can freely buy Wixlar there, such as:
Mercatox, Crex24, InstantBitex, Vindax, BiteBTC, EtherMium, EtherFlyer, DeltaRelay, BitCratic, XBTS.
For the full list of exchanges, kindly visit https://wixlar.com/exchanges

Which is the better holding?
When deciding which cryptocurrency to hold, you need to take into account a number of considerations.

For example, both XRP and Wixlar saw dramatic price increases at the end of 2018, and their values have tended to be secure against Bitcoin down price. In 2019, suggest that many people are holding both Ripple and Wixlar rather than picking just one or the other.

Another consideration is the fact that Wixlar WIX has managed to manufacture technology products that the community can buy using their Wixlar Coins such as: WIXI-Gamer Mobile Phone, WIXI-Board Interactive White Board with Multi User, WIXI-Tab Smart Tablet with Blockchain Apps, WIXI-PODS Wireless Headsets. Feel free to check more on Wixlar E-Shop at

Take into account that Wixlar Partners “Accepting Wixlar WIX Coin as a method of payment” are increasing, we can see here https://www.wixlar.com/2018/11/21/mancatransport/ that Wixlar has assigned agreement with Manca Europe for Limousine Services; That means, now you are able to use your cryptocurrency to get luxury services and technology products using Wixlar Coins!
We can see also a bright future for Wixlar, Holding Wixlar would be worth it as we can predict well the future price of Wixlar WIX.

Technology has increasingly moved towards the decentralization, and you will need to decide if centralized XRP or decentralized WIX would be more appropriate for you, or to hold both of them.

Check Wixlar CryptoCurrency Price Today on CoinMarketCap at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/wixlar/

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