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Wixlar WIX vs Ripple XRP: What’s the better choice?

Cryptocurrencies awareness is increasing steadily and some coins, like Bitcoin, now becoming a household word. When you look at market capitalization, Bitcoin is still the leader, making it difficult to avoid comparison with the crypto-juggernaut, but Ethereum follow in total value with the second highest market cap. Wixlar on the other hand, a new launched coin in October 2018 climbing the stairs of popularity daily and jumping up in Coin market Cap. Not bad for cryptocurrencies that are much younger and being traded for a fraction of Bitcoin’s price.
It is time to figure out their usage peculiarities and understand the potential of the price increasing.

Let us figure out how Wixlar vs Ripple differ, what is their current value, what are the spheres of their application, and solutions providing to the community.
Where Wixlar vs Ripple can be applied?

Ripple (XRP) is released on 2012) and offers a unique protocol for banks that allows transferring money to any recipient around the world. …