Wixlar launches the 1st Blockchain Product “WIXI-PODS”

On October 1st 2018 our Company has released the first 7 products to the public with the ability to buy them using Wixlar coins.

The product "Wixi-Pods" is a state of the art wireless ear pods that can be connected via Bluetooth in a few seconds with any device accepting Bluetooth technology. The new technology of wireless headsets is here. You can now answer a phone call with almost no delay comparing to other wireless devices in the market.

Wixlar is proud to announce that the most famous Online Store in the Middle East called “SOUQ UAE” - that is owned by Amazon - has listed some of our products on their website for sale.

Check WIXI-PODS on Souq UAE at https://uae.souq.com/ae-en/wixi-pods-wireless-headphone-for-android-ios-40790833/i/

Wixlar coin holders can buy directly from the Company any products, but as for the Wixi-Pods there has to be a minimum order of 3 Wixi-Pods for each international shipment.

Visit Wixlar E-Shop at https://www.wixlar.com/e-shop/

Wixlar already started manufacturing different technology products, exporting internationally as well as meeting with wholesalers that will represent Wixi-products in their countries.

For more info about Wixlar Products, kindly visit https://www.wixlar.com/e-shop/

Feel Free  to Check Wixlar CryptoCurrency Price Today on CoinMarketCap at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/wixlar/ 

How to buy Wixlar Coin?
You can Buy Wixlar Coin ( WIX ) Today through our Online Selling Website at https://WixlarCoin.com or through the available Exchanges at https://wixlar.com/exchanges
such as: CREX24, EtherMium, InstantBitex, DeltaRelay, Mercatox, EtherFlyer, BiteBTC and more

Crex24 Exchange:
Trade WIX-BTC at https://crex24.com/exchange/WIX-BTC

EtherMium P2P Exchange:
Trade WIX-ETH at https://ethermium.com/t/Wixlar-WIX

Instant Bitex Exchange:
Trade WIX-BTC at https://instantbitex.com/trade/pair/WIX_BTC
Trade WIX-ETH at https://instantbitex.com/trade/pair/WIX_ETH
Trade WIX-USDT at https://instantbitex.com/trade/pair/WIX_USDT
Trade WIX-BCH at https://instantbitex.com/trade/pair/WIX_BCH

DeltaRelay P2P Exchange:
Trade WIX-ETH at https://deltarelay.com/trade/WIX-WETH

EtherFlyer P2P Exchange:
Trade WIX-ETH at https://www.etherflyer.com/trade.html?pairs=WIX-ETH

BiteBTC Exchange:
Trade WIX-BTC at https://bitebtc.com/trade/wix_btc
Trade WIX-ETH at https://bitebtc.com/trade/wix_eth
Trade WIX-BCH at https://bitebtc.com/trade/wix_bch

Mercatox Exchange:
Trade WIX-BTC at https://mercatox.com/exchange/WIX/BTC
Trade WIX-ETH at https://mercatox.com/exchange/WIX/ETH

How to get Wixlar Coins For Free?
You can get Wixlar Coins for Free through inviting your friends - The Power of word of mouth
Register your Wixlar Account for Free today at https://wixlarcoin.com in order to book your coins and to enjoy the 5% "Thank You" Commission by sharing your WixlarCoin referral link with friends.

Check Wixlar CryptoCurrency Price Today on CoinMarketCap at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/wixlar/ 

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