Wixlar participates in the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland

On October 9, 2018 the "Smile-Expo" company will arrange the second blockchain conference in Geneva - Switzerland. Conference will gather the brightest experts of the industry, well-known specialists, and gurus of the crypto market, developers, entrepreneurs, representatives of payment systems, and lawyers who will share their way of thinking concerning blockchain technology development across the globe.

Read more at https://wixlar.com/2018/10/06/blockchain-geneva/

Crypto market analysis, business solutions within FinTech achievements, Blockchain and Bitcoin prospects, cutting-edge technologies and technical aspects of working with the smart technology, the latest regulatory changes, Bitcoin mining and exchange – all these topics and more will be discussed at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland.

Wixlar Group will be actively participating, demonstrating the innovative blockchain technology, the services and products that Wixlar Group is offering to the public.

Wixlar TV as the Media Partner will be broadcasting the highlights, behind the scenes of the VIP room, and interviews of successful business owners visiting Switzerland. More details about the Event at https://switzerland.bc.events/

Wixlar Cryptocurrency is planning to follow more international events, offering instant transactions and low fee payments. For more info about the Event and Tickets, kindly visit https://switzerland.bc.events/

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