Message from Wixlar CEO after launching WIX Coin on CoinmarketCap!

We "Wixlar Group" have done tremendous steps since our Launch and we are one of the very very few Coins to be listed on Coin Market Cap right after our Launch on exchanges.

CoinMarketCap is the No.1 tool for hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to find us, know us, and potentially buy Wixlar Coins on Exchanges.

Below is a 10 minute Video from our CEO explaining the future steps of our company, services and products launch.

Don't forget that Wixlar coin belongs to You, this is only the beginning and we all need to work collectively in marketing to the outside audience as much as we can, through adding and sharing our news on Social Media, inviting our circle of influence to look into our website, registering and understanding the future that wixlar is aiming to build for the people.

Collective efforts will achieve the increase of the price of our coin.

If you own any business and you want to be a part of our PARTNERS program, please, go to the “partners page” or send us an email and we will contact you to explain the benefits that we can provide to your business. ( )

Let’s go out there and show to the world what we all can achieve together!

P.S: Do not forget that you are our wonderful community and through your support by spreading the word to accelerate our movement to go more viral.

P.S.S: Add your profile to our social media and share our posts to your friends.

How to buy Wixlar Coin?
You can Buy Wixlar Coin ( WIX ) Today through our Online Selling Website at or through the available Exchanges at
such as: CREX24, EtherMium, InstantBitex, BiteBTC and more

Crex24 Exchange:
Trade WIX-BTC at

EtherMium Exchange:
Trade WIX-ETH at

Instant Bitex Exchange:
Trade WIX-BTC at
Trade WIX-ETH at
Trade WIX-USDT at
Trade WIX-BCH at

BiteBTC Exchange:
Trade WIX-BTC at
Trade WIX-ETH at
Trade WIX-BCH at

How to get Wixlar Coins For Free?
You can get Wixlar Coins for Free through inviting your friends - The Power of word of mouth
Register your Wixlar Account for Free today at in order to book your coins and to enjoy the 10% "Thank You" Commission by sharing your WixlarCoin referral link with friends.

Watch Wixlar TV Blockchain Broadcasting 24/7 on our website 

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