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Proof of Work VS Proof of Stake

Proof of work solved two main problems which are provided simple algorithm that allows network nodes to vote or verify some updates of the bitcoin ledger and allowed a free entry to this process to solve the problem of who gets to influence the consensus with preventing attacks. Proof of work succeed in that by substituting a formal barrier to participation, such as each single node power in the verifying process is depending on the computing power that the node brings. After that, problem of huge power and electricity fees began to appear in order to continue working with the proof of work which led to a new alternative approach called proof of stake that is calculating the weight of a node according to its currency staking or holding only which means more power and electricity saving. The discussion showing the benefits of the two approaches proof of work and proof of stake and both approaches can be used for any cryptocurrency.

Introduction to BitCoin and Crypto Currenices Concepts

The Decentralized Digital Currency Concept has been under study for decades where there might be no authority in the middle of transactions, BitCoin as the first crypto currency succeed to provide anonymous transactions without exposing the identity of the sender or receiver which led to a real practical way to provide security to users and anonymity control among the Globe. The anonymous 1980s and 1990s electronic cash protocols were mostly dependable on a crypt-graphic primitive called Chaumian Blinding that provided new currencies with privacy control, however their underlying protocols failed to gain attraction because they were depending on a Centralized Authority. In 1998, Wei Dai's b-money succeed to become the first proposal to introduce an innovation idea depending on creating money through solving computational puzzles and Decentralized, however that proposal did not show actually how a decentralized environment can be implemented. In 2005, Hal Finn…

A Future Technology in Crypto Currencies Transactions, Portable Wallets and Decentralized Applications

The first crypto currency was developed in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, it is called BitCoin that is being used as an internet currency with variable value changing according to the amount of supply and demand in the market. BitCoin succeed in maintaining some aspects for users worldwide just like anonymity, fast transactions, low fees and security. The most important part of the BitCoin is its transactions that are being processed through BlockChain Technology which convert any transaction to a shape of block being verified among users or nodes in the network as it is decenteralized. That allows many developers to cite Alternative applications of BlockChain using digital tokens or assets in order to represent other assets or coins with financial transactions enhancement. Wixlar Group is intending to enhance the performance of transactions through using a new hashing algorithm for encryption decryption to provide more secured transactions, fasten the transactions duration, …


Wixlar is the Crypto Currency that is Decentralized using Proof of Stake launching to provide the power of stake transaction among the Globe with respect to anonymity, security and Efficiency.

Wixlar started from Professionals points of view to solve some difficulties happening in the normal transactions such like duration of transactions, transaction fees and transaction limitations that might affect many persons and businesses in their daily work.

Wixlar Coin took its power from the people that are using it and also believing in its value today and in the future, what makes Wixlar unique than any other Crypto Currencies is actually:

1- Wixlar Security: using Extreme Hashing Functions to solve any security issue with BlockChain Voting and Alerts to assure each block in the mean time.

2- Wixlar Spread: from the 1st day, Wixlar wallets are being downloaded among some of the well-known global network marketers and business men & women that were waiting for such crypto currency to lau…